Welcome to Bergdale, the home of quality meat products since 1966. Bergdale prides itself in its consistent supply of quality products. We offer a wide range of supreme products, specializing in fresh and assorted cold meat products. Many of our recipes originated from the Netherlands, some dating back to 1929, and are still used to-day. Our main aim is to produce a range of top class, tasty and safe products for our customers.


In 2002, our original facility in Bergvliet had become too small and we decided to custom-build a new facility in which we could continue to produce and grow. On the 1st August 2002 we opened our doors in Prime Park, Diepriver. It is a wonderful facility which has allowed us to continue producing our existing as well as many more upmarket products. Great care is taken to continue the high food safety standards we first introduced, while continuously and aggressively striving to achieve better and higher standards of product  excellence, for the safety and pleasure of our many customers in the Western Cape and Namibia.


On the 16th April 2016, Bergdale changed hands for the second time since 1966. Bergdale will continue its great and wonderful journey into the future, reaching greater successes and adopting the same attitude that started right in the beginning, that life is all about relationships!